The Geekbox: Episode 77

It’s a two-man-and-one-woman squad this week, as Andrew Fitch is out with his own one-man-and-two-woman squad. Or, at least, that’s the rumor we’re spreading. Enjoy!

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The Geekbox — Episode 77 (2010-08-04)
Wherein we discuss the impending DC Universe Online beta, 100% completion, Limbo puzzles (very minor spoilers), actions per minute, Castlevania, Supernatural, voice actors who sound like their characters in real life, Batman: Under the Red Hood, our perfect Suicide Squad cast, Doctor Who: Series 5, Dungeon Mastering, Sliders (and other sci-fi favorites), Burn Notice, Psych, and X-Files’ screwy chronology. Starring Ryan Scott, Karen Chu, and Ryan Higgins.
Running Time: 1h 12m 24s
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6 Responses to “ “The Geekbox: Episode 77”

  1. Menzie says:

    You mention Knights of the Kitchen Table in this episode, which sounded pretty interesting. Whenever I search for it though, I come up with a childrens’ story from a mystery series (like Hardy Boys.) I assume that’s not what you were referring to, so where can I find it?

  2. Sighborg009 says:

    Hey Ryan Higgins, I heard you mention that you are watching through the original Gundam series and thought that I should mention the movie trilogy. Those three movies condense down the story and cut out a lot of the fat. You do lose out on some characterization but you get crisper animation and you can get the same story as the show in 6 hours time.

  3. The Doctor Who finale was okay but not great. My problem with it? They never revealed who was responsible! Apparently their saving that for the next season, which would have been fine if it wasn’t done in such a very lame way. They never worried about who was behind everything until the very last second, and even then they had to go “O snap time for more wacky adventures, screw finding out who was behind all that crazyiness!”

  4. OmniAvenger says:

    X-Files ended the moment they moved to California from BC. It lost most of what made the show so fun to watch when that move happened.

  5. Ryan Higgins says:

    I had a point before I started talking. Then I opened my mouth…

  6. bAss_ackwards says:

    Wisdom from Ryan Higgins in this podcast:

    “Well the whole purpose of an MMO is to be… servers… y’know like, limiting. You’re limiting the for server then you’re limiting for console or PC. That’s even more limited.”

    Bonus Ryan Scott reply:


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