The Geekbox: Episode 72

Greg Ford’s back with us for the month of July, and Patrick “Karen Chu’s Husband” Joynt also joins us this week to catch us up on what he’s been doing. Enjoy — and don’t forget to review us on iTunes if you haven’t already!

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The Geekbox — Episode 72 (2010-06-30)
Wherein we discuss Final Fantasy XIII (a Patrick Joynt special), the 2010 World Cup, a few more E3 2010 bits, digital media, Star Wars role-playing, the Futurama premiere, more opinions on the end of Lost, our favorite TV endings, and listener mail. Starring Ryan Scott, Andrew Fitch, Greg Ford, Ryan Higgins, and Patrick Joynt.
Running Time: 1h 25m 57s
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46 Responses to “ “The Geekbox: Episode 72”

  1. Yvette Blauman says:

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  3. ScottG13 says:

    If Patrick starts his own podcast, I subscribe ASAP. Terrific voice & spot on analysis.

  4. Seth says:

    I feel bad about what I said about Patrick… I take it back.. he’s not that bad, just gets a little to much at times but seems like a nice guy..

  5. Alex says:

    Rad episode; I like Patrick, and enjoy hearing him on the Geekbox.

  6. Travis says:

    Possibly the worst episode of the Geekbox. If you’re new to listen, please don’t judge this show entirely based on this episode.

    Patrick again, ruins the shows fun vibe with his pompous jackassery.

  7. trippingmartian says:

    I wasn’t being completely serious, but to be clear those twats cut the mic to get the last word in, which is a bit different. The rest of my post still stands.

  8. sdf says:

    Cutting off mics is a sleazeball move reserved for cunts like RUsh Limbaugh and Bill O’Reilly.

  9. trippingmartian says:

    Remember the South Park episode about the smug San Franciscans who talk with their eyes closed and huff their own farts? That’s kind of how I picture Patrick when I hear him in this episode. You need a system in place where you cut his mic when you’re trying to make a point, because otherwise he’ll interrupt with random talking or grunts. Otherwise good show.

    On a lighter note: it’s nice to hear Greg again!

  10. Jeff Green says:

    Who says women don’t play video games? These comments are full of them.

  11. Barry Wheeler says:

    I try really hard not be negative about most things. If I don’t like something I generally just ignore it. But I really do like The Geekbox and I find it nearly impossible to listen to when Patrick is on. I can’t imagine any reason someone would want to spend time with him to begin with and the idea of consciously downloading an audio program just to hear him belittle other people and their thoughts and ideas is just absurd. He seems completely clueless (Seriously, I don’t think this has ever entered his head.) that there’s a difference between disagreeing with someone and disrespecting them. For me, he erases pretty much all of the enjoyment I get from listening to the show. And if he became any sort of regular, I wouldn’t complain, I’d simply stop listening. Which would be a shame.

  12. Brandon says:

    Man, I know the internet is the place that people go to bitch, but wow. No one is even paying to listen and they still have huge complaints. I think in this get everything now world we need to have some patients and tolerance.

    At my peak I was listening to about a dozen podcasts regularly, but now I’m down to 8. Why would that be? Free will god damnit! If you hate this podcast and the guests then why listen? Sure, Patrick isn’t on the show often enough for it to be him alone, but why torture yourself? I’ll keep listening because I enjoy the opinons and don’t have anyone in my town who’s into geek culture.
    Go geekbox! yay!

  13. Mr Noob says:

    I take it back. that Richard guy isn’t a tool.

    I hate the comic guy and I hope he dies in a train crash.

  14. Jeff Green says:

    Fuck you, you fucker.!

  15. sdf says:

    Jeff Green is a turd.

  16. Hummy says:

    It’s unfortunate that Patrick employs such bullying rhetoric, I was disappointed initially to hear Greg Ford joining in on Patricks belittling of the others, well until Patrick’s wrath was directed at him. I hate to be such a troll and say this with great regret, but Patrick just comes across as a dick.

  17. Max says:

    Breaking Bad ist the best thing on TV.
    Jeff Green is an all around great guy.

  18. Forbin says:

    I’m starting to feel sorry for Patrick, even though I agree he’s hijacking the show. I would pay to listen to a podcast with Patrick, Arthur from Rebel FM, N’Gai Croal and Garnett Lee. Put those 4 people who absolutely must control the conversation on a single podcast and there will be blood.

  19. sdf says:

    ”I feel so bad for Karen.. living with that egomaniac must be miserable.”

    Yeah, but now her spouse has to share the pain.

  20. Gert says:

    Ryan “Rawdog” Scott!

  21. lakertime says:

    OK, I never really post here but felt obliged to do so. When I saw Greg Ford was back I was so EXCITED for this episode! But then Patrick literally took every part of the show over to not let anyone else’s opinions and strong talking points out. A really waste of an opportunity to get some old time geekbox back. Just glad to hear Greg will be back for a few more episodes.

  22. jeff says:

    I feel so bad for Karen.. living with that egomaniac must be miserable.

  23. clint eastwood says:

    patrick is pretty much insufferable on the geekbox, but should he ever decide to host a podcast of his own, i’d give it a listen.

  24. deadairis says:

    Thanks GoingPostal, lavi, Brandon, TH Miller, PD, and the Geekbox regulars — pleasure being on the show.

    Feanor: After further investigation, I’ve found that the “you only have to press ‘x'” claim is off-base. You also have to press start to start the game, press the power button on your console AND on your television, change your television’s input selector to your console’s port/jack, pick up the controller for your console, breath both in AND out throughout your entire play session, focus your eyes at the correct depth to take in the screen while ALSO maintaining your grip on your console’s controller.

    In short, there’s plenty that you have to do other than literally just press ‘x.’ But for all intents and purposes, you just have to press ‘x.’

  25. There’s too much blood in my caffeine system.

    Sent from my iPhone 4G

  26. Feanor says:

    “In XIII you don’t need to do anything other than hit the X button.”

    Umm, no. You won’t get anywhere near the end of FFXIII without constantly using the shoulder buttons to Paradigm Shift at the right times. And his complaints about the leveling are equally invalid. There’s plenty of room for choice in how you level up your characters and what party combinations you come up with.

    Better luck next time, Patrick, although, I hope there won’t be one. Swapping Karen for you is the biggest downgrade in the world of podcasting.

  27. PD says:

    I thought Patrick’s appearance was great. His style of humor is at times condescending but I get a good chuckle out of it.

    Horray for Greg Ford being back, albeit for a short time period. Keep up the good work.

  28. Mr Noob says:

    Patrick is the cancer that’s killing radio.

  29. Zeckson says:

    I agree with what some others have been saying completely. It’s not a matter of him merely wanting to voice his opinions; Patrick hijacks the show and makes it incredibly hard to listen to. I’ll be patiently awaiting to hear the others voice their opinion, but instead he’ll continue to clog up my speakers and shut out the rest of the conversation.

    Please, no more of Mr. Joynt.

  30. Forbin says:

    Regarding lost. If you think people are complaining about Lost’s finale for the episode itself, and the lack of reveals, you’re not paying attention. People are upset that the finale confirmed what they’d been thinking since season 2… that the writers were pulling random shit out of their ass and had no overarching plan for the series. To call these two assholes geniuses clearly shows you’re not exposing yourself enough to fiction.

    Patrick, your opinion is flawed on Lost because you watched it all in a short period of time. You sort of acknowledge that, but honestly you can’t begin to understand the frustration of continuous cliff-hangers and bullshit plot points only to be told the entire thing was meaningless. I’m glad you got to watch it in the least painful way, but you have to realize that it completely effects the way you experienced the show.

    Higgins, I think I’ve figured out your problem with Breaking Bad. You claimed you were into Lost because of “the characters”, but clearly you don’t like character driven drama, you like plot-driven drama with character archetypes. It’s hardly a surprise since you run a comic book store, you’re not interested in realistic people you want super heroes with origin stories.

  31. Lepton says:

    Patrick Joynt is the most awful sort of person in the world to hear on a podcast or with whom to converse. His verbal diarrhea is on par with that heard from the mouths of raving homeless people. Clearly, an individual suffering from a borderline personality such that he has no conception of how to comport himself in the company of others.

    This show was over an hour of Patrick Joynt shitting in your faces. Why the three of you self-loathing geeks (Scott, Fitch, and Higgins) let this guy shit all over and discount your opinions and laugh about it is beyond me.

    I listen to this show to hear Ryan Scott. Ryan fucking Scott, not Patrick Joynt. Mr Scott, if I were you I would have told Joynt to shut the fuck up.

    Joynt is an obnoxious, know-it-all prick. Karen Chu, you are suffering from Stockholm Syndrome. Please seek professional help to release yourself mentally from your douchebag captor.

  32. JFink says:

    Ok, so you talked about TV shows with great finales, but what are some of your favorite shows that you wish got a better ending?

    For me, it was Veronica Mars. I wish that it had gotten that fourth season so we could find out what happened after the Season 3 Finale. Also because Kristen Bell is awesome, and more of her is always wanted.

  33. TH Miller says:

    This is probably my favorite lineup; in a perfect world the Geekbox would occasionally alternate between Karen/Mike episodes and ones like this. Specifically regarding Patrick, I know some people might describe him as an insufferable fellow (presumably while twirling their old-time-y mustaches) but I enjoy the energy he brings.

  34. Brandon says:

    Just enjoying this episode at work. Almost fell asleep before I put it on, but now I’m awake. Don’t know why so many people don’t like Patrick, maybe they’re all just insecure in hearing someone who isn’t afraid to voice his opinions. I don’t get that because I like it when he’s on the podcast. I’ve been listening to the geekbox since day 1 and haven’t found an episode I hated, maybe just some that weren’t as good as others.
    Keep it up, love the show, and hope to hear Karen’s voice again so she can tell everyone how shitty the podcast is. PEACE OUT!

  35. John C. Thomas-Mason says:

    My deepest apologies to Karen, but Patrick reminds me of every bully I ever met in college who feels the need to prove how intellectually superior he is to anyone he ever meets. “If you say Final Fantasy XII I will cut you?” Yeah. There’s some rapier-sharp wit.
    Belittling others never makes you a bigger man.
    Please, Ryan, please never have this insuffereable fellow on again.

  36. Dawson says:

    Fitch on American soccer athletes: “…they’re just regular guys that seem more intelligent…”

    How’s that working out for us?

  37. sdf says:

    This guy makes Jeff Green look like a real douchebag. No wait, Jeff Green does that.

  38. snargles says:

    Holy crap.. Patrick loves just hearing his own voice.. I rather hook a car battery to my manhood then listen to him again. I love the geekbox, but he is awful…

  39. Rose Spinoza says:

    Normally I disagree with RyanS when it comes to Rpg’s (Ie- I love FFVII HATE VIII.*)

    But I agree with him about Golden Sun. I played through it till almost the end, and I too found it to be a very -old school cliche- sort of game. It just bored me.
    I really don’t get why the rpg-gaming community loves the series so much :/ .

    *As a side note, Somehow, I agree with RyanS that FFIX is a lot of fun 🙂 .

  40. lavi says:

    Patrick, you’ve turned me around. I hated you at first but this last appearance was spectacular. I appreciated you reining in your crazy earnestness from your first couple of appearances. Well done, sir.

    I think it’s safe to say that Mike has his own podcast to worry about. I vote Patrick for full time 5th chair and if Karen disagrees, you two alternate.

    Lastly, FF12 was awesome.

  41. Huxley says:

    The term RPG has become associated with anything to do with choosing abilies and make tactical desicions. You could probably get away with calling Starcraft an rpg if you follow industry conventions.

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  43. GoingPostal says:

    Patrick Joynt is pretty much bang on – FFXIII barely classifies as an RPG at all.

  44. Chris says:

    World Cup is so amazing.

  45. Chris says:

    Final Fantasy 12 sucked.

  46. Chris says:

    Patrick’s complaint is fine but Ryan Higgins is completely right, previous Final Fantasies don’t have much hit point management and stuff.

  47. patbaer says:

    I predict we’ll have more episodes this year with Greg Ford than with Mike Cruz.

    Probably a safe bet.

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