The Geekbox: Episode 69

Please forgive the perpetual podcast lateness (I’m tryin’ to publish on Tuesdays!) — between business trips and E3 2010 prep work, time is in shorter supply than usual. Speaking of E3, I’m hoping to put together an all-star cast for a podcast straight from the show next week. Hear all the details in this week’s show!

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The Geekbox — Episode 69 (2010-06-09)
Wherein we discuss Fitch’s Minnesota adventures, Team Fortress 2 class dynamics, Burn Notice’s season 4 premiere, E3 speculation, free-to-play MMOs, a stunning lack of tabletop RPG action, reviewing games vs. reviewing hype, and Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. Starring Ryan Scott, Andrew Fitch, and Ryan Higgins.
Running Time: 1h 33m 29s
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20 Responses to “ “The Geekbox: Episode 69”

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  4. Billy Lloyd says:

    Prince of Persia is the best, i really like the lead actor and also the princess, the princess is very pretty ;:”

  5. the thing i like about Prince of Persia is the suspense and action that you get :”.

  6. i love Prince of Persia, the game version is a classic all time favorite~.”

  7. i love gabrielle anwar on Burn Notice, she is a great leading lady~,`

  8. Brianna Lee says:

    Prince of Persia has definitely great graphics and storyline. Jake is also the best actor for this movie.*::

  9. Burn Notice is one hell of a great tv series, i love spy movies and tv series like this one.*.`

  10. Vandrig says:

    The other show you were trying to think of was “The Good Guys” with Bradley Whitford (West Wing) and Colin Hanks. Good show.

  11. Lily Evans says:

    Prince of Persia is definitely one of the best movies this year.~-;

  12. sdf says:

    GFW radio was a filthy cult of personality. Jeff Greene is a piece of poo for how he treats Gladstone. Did Gladstone kick his dog or something? He should.

  13. WMD says:

    I miss the old GFW crew. Those were the best podcast on the web handsdown. Geekbox, RebalFM are nice but it dosnt really approach the geatness that was GFW. yeah yeah.

  14. sdf says:

    How much of a game is one expected to play before they decide its no damn good? I guess the number is proportional to how much a fanboy spent on their console.

  15. Ryan Scott says:

    @Karen SteakTaker: He doesn’t need to justify it, because it wasn’t his decision. He was told by his editors to review it based on playing the first two discs, as the batch of 360 discs that Microsoft sent to the press had defective third discs. Poor decision on the editors’ part? I’d say so. But the retraction copped to that. Just don’t shoot the messenger for something he had no say in.

    And regardless of the original review’s compromised integrity in the situation, don’t equate that with poor writing. There’s no accounting for taste, but from a quality-of-work perspective, the writing wasn’t lacking.

  16. sdf says:

    Shoulda had Patrick…

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  18. Karen SteakTaker says:

    I’m interested in listening to this and hearing Fitch talk (explain/excuse his laziness/etc) about not finishing FFXIII and somehow releasing a poorly written review just to beat out competing sites.

  19. Guillermo says:

    Hey Ryan! I put the Gabrielle Anwar Scale on the TV Tropes page for Burn Notice, as Memetic Mutation. I don’t know how long it will stay there so you better check it out quick!

  20. Harry says:

    Alls I’m sayin is, “I really miss Karen.”

  21. Kajaah117 says:

    No Karen this week? =(

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