The Geekbox: Episode 49

Aaaaaaand The Geekbox: Year Two officially begins. Hopefully we haven’t jumped the shark yet. 🙂

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The Geekbox — Episode 49 (2010-01-21)
Wherein we discuss late-night dumbness, moneyhatting, the depths of MMO obsession, EA Sports Active, why Dragon Age is “a bunch of Lord of the Rings crap,” developing relationships 101 (AKA the most awkward conversation ever), clones vs. clothes, Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, and the countdown to Burn Notice’s return. Starring Ryan Scott, Karen Chu, Andrew Fitch, Ryan Higgins, and Brock Sager.
Running Time: 1h 9m 8s
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18 Responses to “ “The Geekbox: Episode 49”

  1. no says:

    Karen, sweetie… pussy-yoga is called “kegels”. 😛

  2. OrangeBoxFleece says:


  3. MightyTACO says:

    Hey guys just wanted to clarify, those who are calling Brock out from Boogie Nights are off base. Mark Wahlberg’s characters name in Boogie Nights was Eddie Adams / Dirk Diggler. Not sure where they are getting Brock. But another good show guys!

  4. sdf says:

    Fitch seems like a normal person to me. Perhaps you guys are looking for the Roid Rage Mixed Martial Arts Chopper-Building Macho-Man Banana Party Podcast.

  5. Blackout62 says:

    Fitch has gotten annoying.


  6. AhnFire says:

    ok… how come no one else mentioned nipple chafing! Rofl… i almost crashed my car… (yes… much like sirius radio… podcasts are most definitely a commute thing for me…). And if Ryan and Ryan were girls… hmm… urrgh…

    Roadie Brock…! Need more stories regarding strip club bouncing… hellz yeah!

    Avatards are annoying… but Fitch’s vitriol is wearing a bit thin as well. Playa… why u h8’n! By the way, I think because you saw it in IMAX 3d… it definitely came of worse than it could have (you should have seen it in RealD 3D…) Just sayin’!

    Another good episode… yes, wanders here and there… but obviously from this post, you can see that it suits me well… can I abuse ellipses any more?

  7. David Murphy says:

    MegaMan Legendz was awsome!

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  9. bAss_ackwards says:

    Goddamn, why is Fitch always so awkward?

  10. ChugALug92 says:

    Ryan Scott gets mad respect points from me for the Battle Network love!

  11. Dran says:

    I guess I must be deaf, I idnt notice anyone chewing adn I was listening to the show on my ipod with ehadphones on. :p

    Anyway, I also disagree with frank, it does feel like they all get along just fine, though Fitch got a bit on my nerves this week with his bitching on avatar and how “shit” it was. But I loved avatar, so thast why im probably pissed at fitch. :p

    As for the podcast, it does feel a bit like train of thought, meandering mess at times. I mean, theys tart talking about what youve been playing, and go on 40 minute tangents before getting around to the third person on what they have been palying.

    Then again, GFW and Legendary thread were a lot like that, but I guess after listening to other podcasts like Rebel FM and Bombcast, I miss a little structure in Geekbox. ever thought about splitting the cast into 3 segments and limit each segemetn to a topic/amount of time?

    Like, Segment 1, what youve been playing, segment 2, topic/tvshow/comic/movie of the week discussion, segment 3 reader letters/forum threads? It could give the show the focus its missing, atm it feels a little like, well, here we are, lets fill 60mins of chat time with any random thought that comes into our head.. lets wing it!

    Sometiems that doesnt make a very good podcast, a little preparation could go a long way. My 2 cents.

  12. OrangeBoxFleece says:

    Karen CHEW on the eatbox! yeah!! good show but smacking your food is nauseating. ill keep saying it even though it falls upon deaf ears. XM is not awesome, thats why you can stream Pandora to your iPhone and plug in/transmit to your car stereo. I wouldnt pay for this cast, i can record myself talk with my mouth full and listen to it for free. 😉 A BETTER PODCAST, you say??? (as she says it with her mouth full) sometimes i forget this a comedy pod cast… wait.. ..ugh! cant listen anymore. /out

  13. Dawson says:

    From what I’ve heard on a different podcast (The Tony Kornheiser Show), NBC’s motive is driven by their need to keep both hosts with the network. Conan was promised the Tonight Show a while back in exchange for his Late Night service. In order to appease both hosts, Leno was given a prime-time slot and Conan was moved up. However, they didn’t account for the negative affect Leno’s new show would have on the local news channels.

    I’m not sure of the dynamic, but they have a lot of pull with NBC and forced them to take Jay out of his current slot. In NBC’s defense, Conan wasn’t doing well in his new position so Leno was given preference.

    Wait, does anyone really care about this???

  14. Frank says:

    OK, I may have exaggerated a bit. I know some of the people actually like each other, but it always feels like they are struggling to have things to talk about. Also, there seems to be a slight condescending tone to a lot of the conversations. If the show is about geek culture then embrace it fully. I hate it when someone speaks well of one geeky subject but then looks down on another geeky subject. It’s counterproductive to why I would want to listen to a show about geek culture.

  15. jamal says:

    brock is so borring. and he seems embarrased about liking games. he comes of as a douchebag to ppl as well. Like last week he said Fitch would be the “lonely nerd” wtf? If i was fitch i would’ve slapped him right there

  16. ajm1240 says:

    I can only imagine Frank does not have many friends, because it seems obvious to me that they all DO like each other.

  17. Joe Young says:

    I dont really agree with frank, but the show’s formula is getting a bit frayed. I still enjoy it and listen to it every weekend, but you guys might need something new. Like a hook. Hooks are hot right now. Go to pax east, hold a panel, make a presence in an online game (maybe star trek online?!??!) and then talk about it for all to hear. I would like that. Of course you can ignore this shit and im sure the podcast is still gonna be good, but thats what i would like.

  18. Frank says:

    I try so hard to get through this podcast each week. Ryan S. you are the man but this show just doesn’t show it. Fitch is ok too, but the other people just wear thin on my patience/nerves. There is never any interesting conversation, seems like no body actually likes anyone else on the show. Sorry but yeah…

  19. W0lfbl1tzers says:

    ROADIE BROCK!!!!!!!!
    HELLS YEAH!!!!!

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