The Geekbox: Episode 46

In our final episode of 2009, Geekbox co-founder Greg Ford joins us as we celebrate the holidays and look back upon the last decade. Enjoy, Digg, and review! Happy New Year, and we’ll see you in 2010!

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The Geekbox — Episode 46 (2009-12-31)
Wherein we discuss this week’s special guest host, Burn Notice’s impending return, the happy holidays, Sherlock Holmes, a dramatic reading from Entertainment Weekly, our favorite games of the decade, SyFy’s Alice miniseries, Torchwood, Fitch’s reaction to Venture Bros., and making the jump to Windows 7. Starring Ryan Scott, Karen Chu, Andrew Fitch, Ryan Higgins, and special guest-host Greg Ford.
Running Time: 1h 35m 38s
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14 Responses to “ “The Geekbox: Episode 46”

  1. sdf says:

    I’m tired of how up-their-own-asses game journalists are. They dredge up these same topics time and again on their podcasts. It also gets tiresome to listen to the ex-EGM cadre extol their own virtuosity, EGM/CGW were not the Economist, let’s get real here. I doubt 5% of that staff actually layed down a nickel to buy their own magazine.

  2. Jack says:

    Pretty awesome end of year episode. I was fairly sceptical about Sherlock Holmes, but your positive impressions make me actually interested in checking it out.

    Coincidently I just finished watching Revolutionary Girl Utena, which is a pretty wierd show (surrealist/psychological?)that I nevertheless enjoyed. Interesting to hear that someone else actually likes it.

  3. sdf says:

    2010: Racism will be the tablet pc of the iPhone generation. Also: twitter will go precog – pritter. Think about it.

  4. excalipoor says:

    Yes!!! Someone mentioned Persona 4 as a game of the decade. =) I agree!!!

  5. Prohibition Panda says:

    I’ve been listening for a couple months now, and I love the podcast. Only one thing bugs me though. Ryan Scott, have you never played Heroes of Newerth? It is far superior to League of Legends. Saying it is high on your list for games of the decade is absurd to me. Anyways, good show.

  6. David Banner says:

    RE: eerrrmmmm

    They (or at least Greg Ford) thought Sherlock Holmes was based off old movies and not books. You can’t really expect too much.

    (That said, the new movie is far MORE accurate to the books than most old portrayals of the character).

  7. Joe Young says:

    If you guys want a topic to talk about next week, you could try gametrailers absurd GotY awards.

  8. sdf says:

    While the classic hollywood Sherlock Holmes is kind of lame – this new Sherlock Holmes seems like a Will Smith Bad Boys/Wild Wild West version of Holmes – another version of lame updated for a 2010 audience.

  9. WickedCobra03 says:

    I LOVE YOU GREG FORD! Man, drop out of college and just come back to the comic books store. That comment “brace yourselves, we have some taskbar talk” and the “do tell” comment had me laughing to the point of hurting. I just got done snowboarding and bruised a rib and I didn’t think I would laugh that hard yet at this point I couldn’t stifle the laugh and ended up doubled over!

  10. Ryan Higgins says:

    Akrav, I bought it from

    Quality seems ok, but not as good as the ones ADV released. Subtitles, again, are ok, but I’m sure there’s some much better fansubs out there. She seemed happy with them, but I was a bit disappointed. Depends on how hardcore you are about it, I guess. Most fansubbers do an amazing job, much better than official subs, so I’m a bit spoiled.

  11. Rolf says:

    Awesome episode. I didn’t realize how much Greg Ford added to the Geekbox, now I kinda miss him retroactively!

  12. Akrav says:

    I’ve got a question for Ryan Higgins. *I really hope you’ll see this message*

    Where did you purchase the complete sailor moon dvd boxset?

    I’m skeptical of laying down some money for a non-official boxset without some indication of the quality. If you/your girlfriend believe it is a quality set then I could well be interested in ordering the boxset.

    Lastly, are they dubs/subs? Half/half? I do hope you can help! Thanx.

  13. eeerrrmmm says:

    Sorry it is 6:00AM damn I need a copy editor, coffee or spell check.

  14. eeerrrmmm says:

    I you have read the Sherlock homes books you findout he is a martial artist. Look for Baritsu on this wiki page.

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