The Geekbox: Episode 45

Short but sweet: Merry Christmas. Enjoy, and tune in next week for an extra-special guest. 🙂

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The Geekbox — Episode 45 (2009-12-23)
Wherein we discuss our boring-ass Christmas plans, more fun racist Disney stuff, Microsoft’s latest non-commitment to PC gaming, the new EGM, insane ramblings from Roadie Brock, speciesism, and more World of Warcraft 3.3 awesomeness. Starring Ryan Scott, Karen Chu, Andrew Fitch, Ryan Higgins, and Brock Sager.
Running Time: 1h 12m 12s
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12 Responses to “ “The Geekbox: Episode 45”

  1. dean says:

    Less Brock please. I’d rather have Patrick…

  2. sdf says:

    No podcast this week? That’s racist! Unsubscribed! RAGE! Most boring podcast evarrrrgh-(cough)(gag)…

  3. WhiteMorpheus says:

    This goes out to Ryan Higgens! If your Dog is eating everything in your house, it needs more exercise. I started walking mine with a dog backpack, several miles a day, and things stopped disappearing…I’m a dog geek besides all the rest.

    To all of the rest of you, I like the variety in the podcast. While some people have a very narrow definition of “geek culture,” being defined as the culture of video gamers, comic book enthusiasts, and board game players, there are certainly pockets of geek culture to do with anything that someone is enthusiastic about. I know a Disney geek or two, and when you look at the degree they’re into their obsession, it is no different than video game geeks, or (dare I say it) sports geeks. Variety is nice once in a while.

    If we didn’t have variety, all we’d have for the last few weeks of the podcast is Ryan Scott saying “Welcome to the Geekbox. Nothing happened this week. See you next time!”

  4. BleedingEars says:

    This show is painfully pointless to listen to.

  5. Logs says:

    Merry xmas. Love the box.

  6. HippoOnGrass says:

    Oh thanks bro, can finally listen to the awesome geekbox hey bro 🙂


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  8. HippoOnGrass says:

    The newest ep is not on itunes

    Please upload it hey bro


  9. tacitus says:

    Podcasts do work for selling magazines. The pcgamer podcast caused me to pay more attention to the writing in the mag and therefore kept me from cancelling the subscription. The GFWL podcast caused me to subscribe to GFWL (about 5 months before the end).

  10. Patrick says:

    This episode was terribly boring. Talk about geek culture, not about Disney movies and racism for nearly an hour. If I wanted to listen to NPR, I would. This was as annoying as listening to Fitch and his dating “stories.”

  11. I lovenerdygirls says:

    Special guest: Kat Bailey! 😉

  12. drbinofski says:

    Is it Santa? IS it?

  13. extra special guest says:

    I bet it’s our favorite person to hate 😀

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