Nominate The Geekbox for the 2009 Podcast Awards!

The nominations for the 2009 Podcast Awards are open through October 18. If you’re a fan of the podcast, please click on the banner above, and nominate The Geekbox in the People’s Choice and Gaming categories! You have until this Sunday night to get your nominations in. Make me proud, Geekbox listeners!

12 Responses to “ “Nominate The Geekbox for the 2009 Podcast Awards!”

  1. Waynetron says:

    Aww, too slow 🙁

  2. Waynetron says:

    The Geekbox is plenty geeky. And besides, we’re not voting it as ‘most geekiest of podcasts’.

    You guys have my vote. I have never listened to a better podcast.

  3. sdf says:

    Eric, I’m sure you’re an upstanding bigot in your community. Good day to you, Sir.

  4. boner hat says:

    we would all be lying if we voted for the geekbox. I enjoy listening but you guys barely ever talk about anything actually geeky, and all of your favourite comics and tv shows are all lowest common denominator.

  5. Eric Morris says:

    You are just the kindest person I’ve ever had the fine opportunity of meeting but I must point out he did. How about you re-download the podcast before attacking me with profanity.

  6. sdf says:

    Oh I love how you dittoheads love to change the argument to one you can win. Let me say it slowly for the slow – you said he demonized the point of view. HE DIDN’T. Buy all the bumper stickers with your money you want – no one argued that, Mr. “Doomass”.

  7. Eric Morris says:

    I’m not a zealot if Patrick can disagree and not support someone because they have an opinion that differs with him I can do the same. But then I realized it would not hurt Patrick so here I am.

    I can promise you this I will not put my money towards anything he works on just as he does with people whom he disagrees. I think that’s fair.

  8. sdf says:

    This is probably typical about Patrick’s episode. He tweaks some fundamentalist zealot ass-hat where it hurts, and they halucinate about what a horrible guest he was. Pretty logical – seeing as how they are unable to perceive reality anyway.

    Giantbomb got my gaming podcast vote – still thinking about where to vote for geekbox.

  9. Eric Morris says:

    You have my vote. Despite the fact I almost decided not to ever download your podcast (again) after Mr. Karen Chu came on, because he sounded like a jack-a to y’all and seemed to demonize those who disagree with gay marriage. No offense Karen, your awesome, I just don’t care for your lesser half.

    Anyway I came back this week and I’m not leaving anytime soon.

  10. Jim says:

    Well, as the #2 podcast on my ipod have my vote! keep up the good work…and by the way…i need several things in a podcast..people talking to each other (more than 1, sorry Robert) with good comradery…and good sound quality (which is why I can’t listed to ‘out of game’) and finally good content!

  11. B says:

    Naw, give people’s choice and gaming to Geekbox, A Life Well Wasted gets best produced and religious inspiration.

  12. Stumpy says:

    Sorry bro. Robert Ashley beat you to the tweet. My votes are already in for A Life Well Wasted.

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