The Geekbox: Episode 31

And we’re back to our regularly scheduled podcast, after last week’s GFW reunion. This episode guest stars British game journalist Olly Quinn, who also filmed some brief behind-the-scenes video clips (which I just might post up here if I can figure out a good way to do so). This episode’s a bit more scattershot than usual, but I hope you enjoy it!

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The Geekbox — Episode 31 (2009-09-16)
Wherein we discuss Penny Arcade Expo 2009, swine flu, jumping from press to game development, your average QA department, British TV shows, web vs. print, and Star Wars in Concert (don’t miss our awesome Star Wars trivia question!). Starring Ryan Scott, Karen Chu, Andrew Fitch, Ryan Higgins, and Olly Quinn.
Running Time: 1h 3m 13s
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17 Responses to “ “The Geekbox: Episode 31”

  1. Dirk says:

    Ryan is wrong, there are only 15

    1 Luke
    2 Leia
    3 Han
    4 Chewie
    5 C3P0
    6 R2D2
    7 Obi Wan
    8 Darth Vader
    9 Boba Fett
    10 Yoda
    11 Lando
    12 Wedge
    13 Dengar
    14 Admiral Piett
    15 The Emperor

    Unless you count Bossk, which is far from definitive since he is barely visible and could have been some other Trandoshan in RotJ. 2-1b (the medical droid) also appears in RotJ, but there is no indication that this is the same droid that appears in ESB.

  2. Peter Lount says:

    I wish people who do gaming blogs or podcasts would stopped referring to themselves as ‘journalists’. They are, for the most part, simply game enthusiasts or at best, video game critics.

    Geoff Keighley, Morgan Webb & Adam Sessler aren’t journalists either: they are TV hosts.

    If you want an example of a – REAL – video game journalist, go and check out “A life well wasted” by Robert Ashley.

    But come on… putting a podcast where you talk about games or read press releases doesn’t make you into a journalist.

  3. sdf says:

    I’ve never claimed I was a writer.

    Oh Shit – you’re an ass

  4. Zack says:

    I’m missing one (possibly two). Help!
    1. Luke
    2. Leia
    3. Han
    4. Chewie
    5. Obi-wan
    6. Yoda
    7. Lando
    8. Vader
    9. Palpatine
    10. Wedge
    11. Boba Fett
    12. R2D2
    13. C-3PO
    14. Piett
    15. Medical Droid (?)
    16. ???

  5. OmniAvenger says:

    Mark Hamill did the voice for Detective Mosely in the original Gabriel Knight.

    @sdf “Games journalism has lots of problems. The GFW editorial was by no means the damn Beatles of games journalism. Also, just because you use the same coffee room as actual game developers – doesn’t make you a game developer”

    So, what band would you equate them to? Totally agree with you on point two: using a sex toy previously used by a porn star does not make you an adult film star; it makes you contagious. Or just because you can comment on a blog doesn’t make you a writer.

    …oh shit.

  6. peter lount says:

    if I had to guess, my picks would be:

    1. Luke
    2. Leia
    3. Han
    4. Chewbacca
    5. C3PO
    6. R2-D2
    7. Vader
    8. Emperor
    9. Obi-Wan
    10. Yoda
    11. Bobba Fett
    12. Admiral Piett
    13. Dengar
    14. Wedge
    15. Lando
    16. Jabba (CGI in ep 4)
    17. Storm Trooper
    (since they are clones, who can tell one from another) 🙂

  7. James says:

    I want to know the answer to the star wars trivia question. Ryan has said it on a podcast before and i can only ever work out 14:
    Luke, Han, Leia, Chewbacca, Obi Wan, Yoda, Vader, Lando, Wedge, R2, C3P0, Boba Fett, The Emperor, Piett…

  8. sdf says:

    Games journalism has lots of problems. The GFW editorial was by no means the damn Beatles of games journalism.

    Also, just because you use the same coffee room as actual game developers – doesn’t make you a game developer.

  9. d1nonlyclo says:

    I think it’s funny that this podcasts highlights what seems to be a problem to good journalism. If the people we are looking to to provide good objective coverage are just waiting to find jobs in the industry they are covering how can we rely on people being objective and hard-hitting on games that deserve it?

  10. sdf says:

    I rarely notice eating on the podcast. I’m only annoyed when they waste time talking about that topic because some scrubber complains about it.

  11. Orgun says:

    For those interested in Consolevania

    Very good series, but beware, things get REALLY weird during the later series (inbetween series 3 and 4).

  12. Arrested Developer says:

    Who does Mark Hammil (sp?) voice in Gabriel Knight?

  13. redboxfleece says:

    uhh… how many podcast do we have to complin about befor people STOP EATING when recording… saliva smacking between every word… just distracting! but a good show, otherwise…

  14. sdf says:

    Fanboys wasn’t a terrible movie – but I can’t see any cut of that movie being some kind of mythic masterpiece. And yeah, Harvey Weinstein has proven to be such a failure at running a studio.

  15. Jon Cole says:

    Olly was mostly on base about Fanboys, though there’s actually a really deep story to tell about the production of Fanboys and the editing butcher that Harvey Weinstein really is. There’s actually a really great (after dark, casual) episode of the /Filmcast where the writer/director Kyle Newman talks to the /Film guys about the whole process… it’s really quite informative and revealing:

  16. dh_Jin says:

    yay more brits needed on podcasts…

    lol as a pom abroad i kinda miss the mother tongue.

  17. jonesey says:

    It kind of got lost in the beginning of the show, Olly mentions the movie “Withnail & I”. It’s not geeky at all, but it’s a must watch for any Americans who are interested in British culture.

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