The Geekbox: Episode 30

Enjoy this week’s episode — and if you’re in the Seattle area this weekend, come hunt us down at Penny Arcade Expo 2009! Karen Chu, Mike Cruz, Rebel FM‘s Anthony Gallegos, and I will be attending, and we’ve got plenty of stuff goin’ on. Here’s a short list of some fun events I hope you PAX attendees out there won’t miss:

  • Post-N’Gai, Post-EGM Video Game Journalism, or Where Do We Go Now (Friday @ 11:30 AM in the Serpent Theatre): A look at where the gaming press is today, given the past year’s substantial shake-ups. The panel includes our very own Karen Chu!
  • Live Taping of CO-OP (Friday @ 5:30 PM in the Raven Theatre): A live on-site taping of Area 5 Media’s CO-OP, brought to you by Ryan O’Donnell, Matt Chandronait, and the other brilliant minds behind the dearly departed 1UP Show.
  • The GameSpy/Geekbox/Rebel FM Fan Meet-up, Sponsored by IGN Entertainment (Friday @ 10:00 PM at Gameworks Seattle — 7th and Pike St.): Fans of The Geekbox, Rebel FM, and the GameSpy Debriefings are invited to this after-hours get-together at Seattle’s Gameworks Arcade, put together by Anthony Gallegos and I, and sponsored by our benevolent corporate overlords. We should have a lot of cool stuff to give away here! Please be advised that this is an 18+ venue.
  • The Brodeo Reunion “LIVE!” (Saturday @ 8:30 PM in the Raven Theatre): A live reunion podcast/Q&A panel starring the former castmates of the CGW/GFW Radio podcast — Jeff Green, Sean Molloy, Shawn Elliott, Robert Ashley, and myself. If you see one panel at PAX, make sure it’s this one! And if you can’t make it…. well, we’ll make sure the audio feed finds its way to your ears in due time! 🙂

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The Geekbox — Episode 30 (2009-09-02)
Wherein we discuss red rings of death, ragequitting, Batman: Arkham Asylum (again!), being terrified of competitive gaming, Star Trek Online, stupid furries, the impending Penny Arcade Expo 2009, the big Disney-Marvel buyout, Inglourious Basterds, and some of our worst sick days. Starring Ryan Scott, Mike Cruz, Andrew Fitch, and Ryan Higgins.
Running Time: 1h 3m 53s
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3 Responses to “ “The Geekbox: Episode 30”

  1. Chuf says:

    hey it’s me Anthony from Rebel FM. i want to let everyone know that Arthur and I are officially out of the closet and we want to announce that we’ve been a couple for the past year and a half. we are very much in love and i just hope you’ll all be cool with this. thanks and fat penis

  2. Arrested Developer says:

    I’ve actually had most of my game systems break on me.

    Super Nintendo (out of the box)
    Playstation 2 (2 years)
    Gamecube (6 months)
    Xbox 360 (1 year)
    Playstation 3 (2 days)

  3. sdf says:

    Looking forward to listening to this “bro” edition of geekbox. Mike has been a great addition. And Go Fitchy!

  4. […] It’s a toned-down Geekbox this week with Karen out for her husbands birthday and Ryan Scott sick.  Everyone is predictably playing Batman and enjoying it.  Ryan talks about all the big PAX plans and he has included all the times and places for the proceeding in the post for this week’s episode. […]

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