The Geekbox: Episode 24

This week’s episode is a long one, guest-starring recurring cast member Jade Kraus and writer Justin Haywald (my old reviews intern, and one cool dude). The original cast returns next week for what, alas, will be Greg Ford’s farewell episode, as he’s moving out of state for further college education. Don’t forget to Digg/review this episode, and definitely tune in next week as we see Greg off!

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The Geekbox — Episode 24 (2009-07-22)
Wherein we discuss Burn Notice episode 3×06 (and series star Jeffrey Donovan DUI), Wii Sports Resort, awesome old Final Fantasy games (and the FF4 sequel), Professor Layton, adventure games, MMO foibles, flying cars, the (potential) recasting of Futurama, why camping is stupid, and an interesting upcoming book from Starring Ryan Scott, Andrew Fitch, Justin Haywald, Ryan Higgins, and Jade Kraus.
Running Time: 1h 29m 42s
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10 Responses to “ “The Geekbox: Episode 24”

  1. Kinnon Yee says:

    Wow. Really. Final Fantasy IX… The game that has like 10 different plot points running through it that never come to completion. That’s a favourite?

    Maybe it had to do with the translation, but things like Freiya’s Dragoon heritage, and Vivi’s questioning of his own humanity are just kinda thrown in and never expanded upon. I’ve got my own share of hate on Final Fantasy VII and VIII, but IX was absolutely crap when it came to story.

  2. ajm1240 says:

    MORE JADE!!! Nuff Said!! GEEK Grrls RULE!

  3. Adam says:

    I heard the scream too.
    It stayed with me.

  4. nwahs086 says:

    Ryan Scott, where did you live in Louisiana?

  5. Ruven G. says:

    I heard someone scream in the background.I don’t know, it was strange.

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  7. Aaron M says:

    Count me as another vote to have Jade as the new fifth, or at least more often. She’s great on the show.

  8. dirty says:

    i think Jade Kraus should replace Greg Ford when he leaves.

  9. jwchen says:

    never mind, button came back. digged

  10. jwchen says:

    wait a minute…where is the digg button?

  11. Billium says:

    Something to listen to after GameSpy #91

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