The Geekbox: Episode 19

Here’s our latest — a particularly all-over-the-map extravaganza. I’m curious: Are you guys liking the “Geekbox RAW” format more, or less? Please leave feedback in this post’s talkback, or on the forums, as I’d definitely like to hear what you think.

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The Geekbox — Episode 19 (2009-06-17)
Wherein we discuss Burn Notice episode 3×02, dig into inFamous and Prototype, express more love for Punch-Out!! and PopCap, geek out about World of Warcraft, rage on Fry’s Electronics, get excited for Drag Me to Hell and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, and somehow wind up getting into a discussion about learning how to drive. Starring Ryan Scott, Karen Chu, Andrew Fitch, Greg Ford, and Ryan Higgins.
Running Time: 1h 17m 38s
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22 Responses to “ “The Geekbox: Episode 19”

  1. Jon H says:

    The GFW reunion show is at PAX, not E3

  2. Avi says:

    I buy alot of stuff from Frys, but none of it seems to break. I also find that Fry’s is one of the best places to go for video game deals.

  3. J K says:

    The raw format is excellent!

  4. SJS says:

    Geekbox gives AIDS.

    No offense, just quoting the amazing words of Anthony Gallegos.

  5. Bevans says:

    A great MP3/audio program that I’ve been using for years to sync my mp3 player is MediaMonkey(.com). It has tons of features, and is very customizable, and it’s an amazing tool for organizing your files (for example, you can pull in track info and album art from Amazon, and sort all your files into a perfect collection of folders and sub-folders).

  6. Will says:

    Raw, but maybe encourage some more podcast discipline.

  7. Adrian says:

    Hi all,

    1. RAW is good!

    2. Whatever happened to the GFW ‘reunion’ podcast that was supposedly going to happen at E3? I was waiting for that one.

    3. Ryan H, you don’t have to put up with iTunes to organize your ipod. WinAmp does just fine. Mine is v5.551 and it’s not even the latest version.

    Keep doing the podcast, I say. Thanks!

  8. Lorigga says:

    sorry for the double post…actually thought of a place to practice. Emeryville by the Home Depot and Best Buy. There is a large parking lot with empty space…I would check where the CompUSA used to be…yes, I’m partial to Emeryville….

    k, sorry for spam…I’ll shut up now.

  9. Lorigga says:

    Listening to the podcast right now.

    I live in Berkeley and must say, the Bay Street parking lot takes the cake for parking lots. It’s so narrow and everyone wants to dive for the first spot they see.

    Just go look at all the columns between spaces. You’ll see a roadmap of sadness from all the paint scrapes.

    Only place I scratched my car!

    Also, place to learn to drive in Berkeley…none…go to a large parking lot in Walnut Creek..

    //end rant

  10. Josh says:

    the RAW format is excellent.

  11. Lee Swain says:

    I’m fine with RAW. The difference in quality is so small it’s not worth your time editing it. I just want to hear you guys chat about geeky stuff I’m into, I don’t care about it being overly polished.

    Keep up the good work, very happy you all love Burn Notice as much as me 😀

    And keep talking about Monkey Island!

  12. WayneR says:

    I do not see the point in editing a casual podcast. Unless something happens where the crew drags on a conversation for much too long…keep it raw.

    It doesn’t matter to me if it’s raw or not, it was just a little annoying when one week the podcast would be on friday and the next one wouldn’t come out the next saturaday, just because of editing.

  13. sdf says:

    Karen is the manliest woman ever

  14. Samson says:

    Oh FFS… I don’t want to listen to a retarded discussion about how you have to use iTunes. There are P – L – E – N – T – Y of other applications which can add songs and videos etc. to your iPods. Just Fucking google it, you tech-illiterates! I bet you still use IE too…

  15. rev. panorama change says:

    FYI Ted Raimi was in “Drag Me To Hell”, albeit a small role as Justin Long’s associate.

  16. miraclerobot says:

    go raw dog ry dog

  17. david says:


  18. Royce says:

    Keep it raw! Also nice intro

    My favorite part about the raw shows is a worried Ryan reminding everyone “we’re not editing!” when something racy becomes a topic of conversation.

  19. lax says:

    I don’t see the point in editiing anything. It just adds to the charm of amateur podcasts – it’s not NPR.

  20. Ban says:

    Just a heads up, you can use winamp for your ipod, not sure about iphone, and it’s a much easier experience for me using winamp. Also that Moon Bloodgood chick was from a show called Journeyman, a time travel show that i thought was pretty good, it was on NBC.

  21. Ryan Hull says:

    Keep it RAW. More entertaining on our end, and less work on yours.

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  23. Jon says:

    Best beginning to the show ever.

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