The Geekbox: Episode 8

Here’s this week’s episode. Enjoy — and don’t forget to Digg/review! And yes, this episode’s got an ad at the beginning, which I guess means we’re kinda-sorta-maybe successful at this point!

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The Geekbox — Episode 8 (2009-03-19)
Wherein we discuss co-host Karen Chu’s current whereabouts, a whole bunch of TV shows (beware Lost spoilers!), some more Watchmen, the SciFi Channel’s ridiculous  new “direction,” hot sci-fi cyborgs, Resident Evil 5, terrible game controls, Killzone 2, Bioshock 2, Street Fighter IV, Ryan Scott’s upcoming wedding, the latest Fitch Hitch update, and the upcoming GFW Radio reunion panel at Penny Arcade Expo 2009. Starring Ryan Scott, Mike Cruz, Andrew Fitch, Greg Ford, Ryan Higgins, and Jade Kraus.
Running Time: 1h 18m 15s
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33 Responses to “ “The Geekbox: Episode 8”

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  8. Dan says:

    Holy Cow Fitch drives me insane. He says like every 3 words. Do we really give a shit about his dating life? He seems to hate everything in that “jaded I’m an asshole critic” way.

  9. Mike S says:

    Libsyn has taken a crap and your podcast isn’t available anymore. Getting 404 on pretty much all the podcasts from Libsyn that I wanna hear. Y’all should send them some hate mail.

  10. Eleazar says:

    As someone who had no previous knowledge of the Watchmen I had no idea that Ozzy was the “bad guy”. Although I did think they didn’t do a good enough job of making that revelation shocking. It was just like, oh hey I guess he is the bad guy, ok, whats next. At that point I needed to feel “OMG!!!1! HE IS THE BAD GUY!!!1!!!, I HAD NO F’n IDEA!!!!!!. That is the ultimate goal, and it didn’t even get close to that. This was my biggest problem with the film.

  11. Joe Young says:

    re: Mike cruz

    Yeah, good point. Its obviously suppose to be a nod to batman, but the posters mean its nothing serious

  12. Gary says:

    Hey if you’re looking for British shows worth watching, and something to fill in the time between now and June’s Burn Notice return, try watching “Spooks”, or ‘MI-5″ depending on the region you watch it from.

    It doesn’t have the humor of burn notice, but is one of the best spy shows in recent memory. Very intense, and to me was worth buying a region free DVD player for.

  13. Scott C says:

    Did Jade really just compare Silent Hill 2’s controls to Resident Evil 2’s? Really? RE2 came out in 1998, a year before Silent Hill 1 and 3 years before Silent Hill 2 (which was on the freaking PS2)…

    Anyway, I’ve been on a bit of a Grant Morrison high lately, having read his Batman and Final Crisis (yeah, I really enjoyed it) and re-reading Seven Soldiers and his JLA run. I was wondering what your opinions are of The Invisibles? I’ve heard a lot of good things so I’m pretty sure I’ll start collecting it after I catch up on Fables.

  14. lakalt says:

    Alan beat me to it up top, but yeah, Mad Max did the hacksaw before Watchmen…

    Also, I disagree on the point where some of you were saying how obvious it was that Ozymandias was the villain from the start.

    I went into the movie with absolutely no knowledge of anything Watchmen, and I didn’t think anything of him when he first appeared. However, I did start to suspect something was up with him during the lobby/assassination attempt, because there was an elevator music version of “Everybody Wants To Rule The World” playing in the background.

    Now that I know Ford’s watched the animated comic on DVD, I won’t feel silly when I do it. I didn’t know what to think after the movie, but these last two podcasts have renewed my interest in Watchmen. Thanks!

    Keep up the great work!

  15. Mike Cruz says:

    re: Joe Young

    I see what you mean — more tonge-in-cheek than anything. I was looking at it as a serious comic book geek. “The mere presence of the posters already confirms the existence of Batman, in some form, in that universe. So how could Nite Owl be ‘saving’ his parents…”

    haha — /tonesdowngeekgauge

  16. Andy says:

    Good episode otherwise though. Fitch Hitch was great and Jade was outstanding. Hope she becomes a regular guest.

  17. Andy says:

    I thought Greg Ford considered himself a decent Street Fighter player? His whining about Akuma’s super/ultra was pathetic as it’s one of the worst ultras in the game.

  18. Joe Young says:

    re: mike cruz

    exactly. Kinda a obviouse hint, think it supports it though.

  19. Jordan says:

    I wanna see Fitch all decked out and suave. Does it match his hipster hat pimpness

  20. Bastich says:

    Congratulations on your Audible Ad! Yey!

  21. sdf says:

    The movie is the movie. All movies are subject to constraints, and stop perpetuating this myth that the studio pressured some final cut on Watchmen. Basically, you’re falling hook and sinker for the DVD “buy the DVD” bait, except doing so willingly. I’ll buy the DVD too, but stop spreading this kind of garbage.

    Of course, you’re entitled to your wrong ass opinions, Scott.

  22. G Smith says:

    Hey lets get something straight Father Ted is an Irish comedy ok 😉

    You might want to check out the The IT Crowd a show by one of Teds creators. It can take one or two episodes for it to click but once it does its impossible not to love it.

    Oh and you should check out The Might Boosh, it will give you some pretty weird stuff to talk about on the podcast believe me.

  23. Aspartame says:

    Long live Fitch! He is greater than Jesus and Hulk Hogan combined!

  24. Alan says:

    Just a note, folks: Mad Max did the hacksaw thing half a decade before Watchmen.

  25. fr0 says:


    I think you need to be patient about the Fitch date segment. Let it simmer, man. Think of all the places it could go. So many potential twists and turns. There could be, for example, a spell where Fitch gets so frustrated, he starts attending (yes attending) dates progressively drunker.

    Or like, a ‘car date’. The couple meet up at a designated street, then just drive their cars together. There is no talking involved (can’t use your cellphone), you just figure out if you like the person by the way they drive. The second-date is on motorcycles, then bicycles, rollerblades, etc., progressively bringing the couple closer together. It’s romantic. There could even be a parachute episode. 😉

  26. Fish de Meatshirt says:

    Like the Office/Peep Show/Nathan Barley?


  27. Mike Cruz says:

    re: Joe Young

    I heard about that clip in the credits of Hollis Mason Nite Owl saving Thomas & Martha Wayne — but upon closer examination, if you check out the right side of the image, you’ll notice posters on the wall featuring the cover to the original 1940 Batman #1.

  28. Gerard C. says:

    Did you guys answer questions by listeners?

  29. Zanthox says:

    I hate to push my anal tendencies on others butt… As a contender for the top video game podcasts… or just any podcast I have to look at… please make a album art! It really bothers me when there isn’t one… please? pretty please?

  30. sdf says:

    Fitch is a bad enough dude to rescue the president.

    Congrats on the new sponsor guys – don’t spend it all on dry cleaning Ryan’s new suits (or Greg’s money hats).

  31. Joe Young says:

    Also, did you guys know about Night owl saving batman’s parents? In the opening scene It shows him punching a guy, and in the background it says Gotham opera house. Also, his mother is nearby with the iconic pearl necklace. Thought you guys would think it was cool.

  32. Jin says:

    if you liked the office, you should DEFINITELY watch Extras, with Ricky Gervais.

    fitch still here…ugh. yo fitch you going to sakura-con? haha

    btw you guys talked about the sci-fi (or sy-phi) channel for way too long…

    i think it’s also because ryan sucks at shooting games, lol.

    haha ryu, and d’you call legend of kage as legend of cage?

    ugh fitch date segment is lame. that guy is always like making excuses. what the hell. kick him out please… ugh… is he still a virgin? sickness was a lame excuse, seriously a fist bump? good matches are online matches, stick too it fitch and stop telling it about it. i don’t think he gets how much of a joke he is, he’s the reason the media sterotypes gamers.

    yo whoever said it sorry i can’t distingush peoples voices but the v-necks only work if your buff. lol yea karen keeps the show in check haha

  33. Joe Young says:

    Rad, downloading it now

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