The Geekbox: Episode 3

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The Geekbox — Episode 3 (2009-02-03)
Wherein we discuss the latest happenings on Burn Notice/Battlestar Galactica/Lost (spoiler warnings!), the new G.I. Joe and Transformers 2 teaser trailers, the upcoming R-Type redux for Xbox Live, what Batman villain Ryan Scott is mostly likely to become (along with a bit of Arkham Asylum buzz), what goes into throwing a rockin’ World of Warcraft in-game party, why Watchmen is so freakin’ awesome, and another Fitch Hitch non-update. Also: Don’t miss the giveaway contest at the end! Starring Ryan Scott, Karen Chu, Mike Cruz, Andrew Fitch, Greg Ford, and Ryan Higgins.
Running Time: 1h 21m 29s
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85 Responses to “ “The Geekbox: Episode 3”

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  2. Capricorn  says:

    i remeber GI JOE when i was still a kid, this was my favorite cartoon~`*

  3. Max says:

    Awesome! You guys are now my Fav. Podcast 😀

  4. Mark says:

    With Sam & Max: Hit the Road being out around the same time as Full Throttle and Day of the Tentacle, I think it’s safe to say that it came out during the pinnacle of adventure gaming. How can you not like the one liners that our little buddy would always throw at the great characters they’d meet. This was the game that really hooked me to the adventure style of Lucasarts, and it’s sad that this level of quality has mostly dried up.

  5. Ryne Pittman says:

    Great job once again guys!

  6. Jeff says:

    I’m loving the show gang. However, are you seriously going to deride BSG for being too complicated and then immediately go into Lost lovefest?

  7. Jeremy says:

    Oh lord, I already watch way too much TV (including Lost and BSG), but between you fine folks and a friend at work talking about Burn Notice, I checked it out. USA had the pilot and the 3 most recent episodes on Saturday. I love the show now. Crap, I didn’t need more to watch!!

  8. ericTheFrog says:

    The batman villain project

    Ran across this when trying to place one of the villains you mentioned in the podcast. Thought you guys would enjoy.

  9. SONofDAD says:

    As i am writing this i am playing SAM AND MAX SEASON ONE on wii, and forgot how funny these characters are, and how much i missed them. Years back, i was exposed the animated series FREELANCE POLICE. I loved that show, and still recite qoutes from it from time to time. That lead me to buying the VHS’s on EBAY, reading the comics online (the ones that are still up), playing HIT THE ROAD, and buying the complete series on DVD. Having a book of their previous escapades would be an awesome addition to this fan’s collection.

    Thank you El Presidente Ryan

  10. LustBot says:

    Where is the into/exit music in the podcast from???

    I want that song.

  11. Ray B says:

    After listening to your rant about BSG you all lose geek points for commenting / reviewing a show you either don’t watch or don’t know the finer points.

    Anyway, did you all comment on the burn notice season 2 finale and the Sam line about Carla (Tricia Helfer) swiming endurance? “She’s like a robot.”

    Burn notice is entertaining and that little call to BSG got a chuckle.

  12. srcline says:

    Fitch is the best guy on the show. Ford’s great too.

  13. Seong says:

    I find twisting the words of a previous poster to imply he was saying BSG is the best of a bad lot a bit in poor taste. If you read his words, he was merely stating: This is the reality of serialized television series that ALL television series must face. It’s hard to plan things out for your endgame when you never know when you’re going to get cancelled and/or the studios want you to milk it as long as possible. The only exceptions to these rules are shows that are allowed to set an end date, such as Babylon 5, Lost and now joining the ranks, BSG.

    In regards to BSG criticisms: Why is there suddenly a rule that says if a show didn’t plan something out from the start, then we should doubt anything and everything the writers put forth or that it can’t be good?

    I know the “other show” (Lost) keeps getting mentioned but it’s an easy point of reference so I’ll use it. For example:


    Originally when Benjamin Linus (Henry Gale) was originally caught, he was not signed on to be the leader of the Others. He was supposed to guest star on a couple episodes and be out. But the writers saw what a great job he was doing and decided to rewrite a major plot choice to make Ben the leader of the Others. Now he’s one of the most important and intriguing characters on the show. Does the fact that they made it up on the fly make it any less of a creative decision? Absolutely not. If they had stuck to their “plan” and get rid of Ben after 3 episodes, the series would be much worse off for it.


    Okay, you complain about the fact that the identity or even existence of the the “Final Five” wasn’t planned well in advance. So let’s say they did figure that out near the beginning of the series. Do you really think that would’ve made the show any better? I’d argue it probably would’ve limited the show and made it worse because they would be stifled by some arbitrary plot decision they made several years ago.

    What I feel they are did was when it was time to confront the issue of the Final Five, they looked at what the story was at that moment and decided what would work best for the story for the show that exists now, not some imaginary preconception of what the show would’ve been now made 4 years ago.


    For example, the identity of Tigh as a Final Five. Do you think in a million years that idea would EVER have played at the beginning of the series? Never. But now that he has been revealed to be one, you know what? It works wonderfully and adds more depth to his character than simply being the stogy drunken XO.


    By allowing themselves freedom to write the show they want, without any restrictions gave them the ability to craft shows that refreshingly break cliched traditions of television storytelling. It’s free form jazz and with BSG, you’re watching some of the greats go at it.

  14. Cube says:

    The first time I saw sam and max I was unable to play it until a year later when I Built a new PC with a shiny 1x CD-rom drive(blazing fast) the first game I got for it was a Lucas box set with sam and max that kicked off my deep love for mouse click adventure games.

    The CD sat on my shelf alone for years.. Until I found out the game was based on comic books and started to look. To this day I have not been able to secure a copy of a “Sam & Max: Surfin’ the Highway.” comic to go with my games and I never even seen the inside of the book.


    Off topic

    (and right now I cant afford one of these and that makes me sad.)

  15. Chase Powell says:

    Great Show as always. BSG and Lost spoilers kinda bum me out, but i try to skip past them.

    About Sam and Max. To keep it short and sweet. I played the PC version, maybe a few episodes. I am hoping they do port them to xbox live soon. But anyway, i loved the characters and the quirky sense of it all and would love the chance to get to read some of the comics. Living in a small no comic book store town sucks. (Not to be taken as pity.) 😀

  16. Spartan119 says:

    you guys need some fourms

  17. Andrew H says:

    I deserve that Sam and Max comic because I have followed them since their days with the Beatles. And while many say Trixie broke them up, I still blame Yoko.

    I followed them when they started American supergroup Styx. “Mr. RoBosco” was decent, but I think we all regret it in retrospect.

    I was there when they started Microsoft, when they tumbled the Berlin wall, and when they won the World cup in France, 1998.

    And I was there when Matt Leone was quoted on the Wii Cover for Season 1.

    I deserve it because I know all of this.

  18. Dan says:

    Contains Spoilers

    I obviously am not saying, “it’s the best of a bad lot,” but let me state my points more clearly. First off, writing is not a science and plot points, major and minor, are added, revised, and taken away at all stages on the creating process. My point was that all shows do this (modify plot elements through the series) with the possible exception being Babylon 5 and maybe a few others. I suspect even Babylon 5 modified key plot points throughout its run. More to the point, who cares when they make plot decisions? What’s important is how good the end product is.

    About the quality of writing, it just seems like you prefer a style that is more heavy handed. Nothing wrong with that, it’s just a preference, but hardly makes it a bad show. I personally don’t think they needed a throw away line such as the one you said. Was it not already obvious that they couldn’t and shouldn’t stay on Earth? I also think they are doing a fine job with the Starbuck mystery. It’s obviously affecting her emotionally and you could tell in the last two episodes she was more than happy to forget about it and focus on something else. I’m happy the writers don’t feel it necessary to skip over this crucial character insight/development in order to please those who want instant gratification.

  19. thebURNT1 says:

    Hey, guys! I miss GFW – Podcast X13D – LAN Party, and I really like what you’ve done with this new show; expanding from just PC Games to so many different aspects. It’s Geek Couture!! All right, enough butt-kissing, here’s my Sam and Max entry… 492 characters (with spaces)/5 = 99 words. Or, per MS Word, 87 words.

    I’ve never read Sam and Max, but I love crazy, over-the-top humor. (Favorite Sandman dialogue: “He is troubled by delusory insects.”) I’ve always thought reviews are useless if your taste doesn’t match the reviewer, and Ryan has always steered me in the right direction. He was right about Sonic Chronicles, my wife loves it. I heard GeekBox episode 3 about who sent the lawyer to Kate, and Ryan guessed exactly what my wife did. Wait, I can’t win! Now I don’t want to give Ryan our address!

  20. Donovan MacLure says:

    I have never touched a Sam & Max video game. Not one. However I did grow up with the Sam & Max Freelance Police cartoon. I used to watch that cartoon over and over again just so that I could understand all the jokes that were intended for my bored parents and not me. The reason why I want the giveaway? I think that if I can procure Sam & Max comics, I could possibly be the only Sam & Max fan ever to be a fan of all BUT the video games.

  21. Michael says:

    Guys this podcast keeps getting better and better each week! I only wish Rebel FM would try stay this upbeat and positive.

    Any chance of getting Dr. Max Chill, PhD to make a guest appearance? I’m sure we’d all love to hear from him again. Keep up the good work!

  22. Me says:

    Wanted to say that describing the show as “Covering all geek culture” is exactly what you guys should stick too. It complements the variety of “geeks” on the show. Just keep games at the top of the list.

  23. Me says:

    Great show!

  24. deadairis says:

    Here’s the issue with those “flaws”: If they’re not investigating the mysteries of the shows for *no* in-character reason at all — and there’s none — that’s bad writing. Even a simple throw away could solve this: we can’t stay on Earth; people are rioting at the sight of it.

    Except, of course, that hasn’t been enough motivation to get anyone doing anything this season.

    As for it not being “fair” because other shows do poorly, that’s nonsense. If your best claim is that BSG is good by bad standards, sure. I’ll buy that.

    As for not knowing if there’s a skeleton, we have proof there isn’t on key points: we know the final five, an utterly key plot item, wasn’t decided at the beginning of the show. If key elements were plotted that late, it’s not an unreasonable inference to state “key elements have not been plotted out ahead of time.” Not all key elements, but that wasn’t my claim.

    Again, though, it seems like your claim is “it’s the best of a bad lot.” Sure, I agree.

  25. Dan says:


    I’ll attempt to poke a few holes in your logic.

    Spoiler Alert

    b) To say they are pursuing “nothing” is simply not true. They are pursuing what they’ve always been pursuing – a place to settle down and continue the human race. The reason they haven’t got into the gritty details of where and how they are sending out their scout ships and making jumps to do this is probably because they want you to be concentrating on what the people are now experiencing shortly after discovering that their biggest hope (finding and settling down on Earth) has been shattered. We don’t get to see the details of their continued pursuit of finding a home because right now much of the human race is depressed, angry, and are simply starting to think finding a home is a pointless pursuit. As far as solving some of the shows mysteries…that’s part of making television shows. One keeps a few mysteries going to keep the audience guessing and reveal them at times they think are best for the overall story and when the audience will get the most satisfaction of it (this is the whole basis for Lost).

    c) It’s unfair to single out BSG for something that practically every show, scifi and any other, does repeatedly. Babylon 5 was the exception. Some shows have done this with bad results (Heroes), some with mixed (Lost), and I believe BSG has done it with good results. Also, just because YOU don’t know the vision or conclusion of the show doesn’t mean the writers don’t or that they have “no real skeleton.” They make one plot decision late in the process and all of a sudden it’s not a good show? Judge each decision for what it adds or doesn’t add to the overall quality of the show, not for the when the writers made the decision. The fact that they waited to the last minute actually tells me that they probably put a ton of thought into the decision, not that they decided on whim like you make it seem.

  26. Dillon says:


    Is there anyway I could get a copy of the Geekbox podcast theme song? Its prolly one of the best out there.


  27. sdf says:

    fitch is awesome! more from you, dude!

  28. deadairis says:

    Attempt 2 at making this post.

    So, BSG, let’s be clear:

    a) Spoilers coming.

    b) Leaving Earth in order to pursue *nothing* is the sort of nonsense that comes from “trusting” a show with no real vision of it’s conclusion. Yes, Earth is no better than New Caprica, but it isn’t just about living there. How about solving *every mystery* about the enemy race? How about finding out the truth of Starbuck?

    Beyond that, how about *conserving fuel* and just sending out scouts? It’s not as if they’ve plenty of fuel to just jump for giggles.

    c) “trusting” the writers: this isn’t Babylon 5. There’s no real skeleton to hang the show’s key points off of. “Who are the final five” wasn’t determined until just about the point where they showed up on camera, requiring retcons like the (well-done) twist for Galen.

    That’s not something you trust blindly. *They don’t have a plan. They have not earned that trust.* Enjoy, yes, but with a weary eye for writers caught up in their own brilliance — hello, it’s Twin Peaks!

    c) For the very early commentator decrying the sci-fi nature of the show over the human drama and then citing favorite moments that utterly lack meaningful drama — Updike would point out the difference between what you’re *learning* and the *point* of a piece — such as revealing of the final four, you’re using counter-examples to your point as your examples.

    Is BSG laudable? Absolutly. It’s an amazing show that’s done more than anyone could have predicted.

    Is it flawed, and perhaps fatally? Oh yes.

    Full disclosure: I’m fortunate enough to be Mr. Karen Chu.

  29. Arrested Developer says:

    Ryan, I’m in desperate need of the Sam & Max comic, I’ve been stuck at Snuckey’s for the last two weeks waiting for some jerk to get out of the bathroom and I’m bored out of my skull. And get this,that same jerk even had the nerve of buying the last portable carbomb game AND the last box of pecan flavored candies (the only reason I came to Snuckey’s in the first place). Please show me some mercy and give me that comic because I don’t think I can stand hearing about how competitive Snuckey U. is again.

  30. daeyeth says:

    man, I love geekbox. ep1 was great, 2 was awesome, 3 is fantastic. you guys mesh together perfectly now, very smooth transitions of topics

  31. Falcomadol says:

    My aunt had cats named Sam and Max! They were wonderful cats, both sadly deceased now, but I think that naming your cats for the Freelance Police demonstrates that you’ve earned a prize like that, and I promise to turn the prizes over to her at the first opportunity.

  32. Chris Mantil says:

    You guys and gal are doing a great job with the show. Keep up the good work and dont change a thing.

    Just thought i would let you know that it is because of the show i really want to watch burn notice.

  33. Nic says:

    Please tell me you guys don’t really like the GIJoe trailer. Looks like total crap.

  34. Jailem says:

    As freelance police
    Their philosophy, shoot first
    Shoot later, repeat

  35. sdf says:

    it’s really swell how this group came together – I never would have put this combination together from 1up in a million years. fitch, karen and ryan all coming into their own as podcasters. people forget that greg kept the egm live fire burning for a long time once.

    master higgins seems kind of cool!

  36. LiK says:

    I want the Sam & Max comic because Ryan touched it (just kidding). But seriously, the Sam and Max games were and are still awesome and have some of the best writing in any adventure games, period. 😀

    on an unrelated note, the comic book discussion was fantastic.

  37. Matt R says:

    getting ready to listen on a car ride to the northlands of michigan.

  38. Dan says:

    Adrian, no problem. I’ll try to be more careful next time.

    Season 3 was a great season, hope you enjoy it too.

  39. Adrian says:

    Dan, your post was the top of the page when I visited.

    Sorry, I get cranky when I have stuff like this spoiled. I’m halfway through Season 3 and I’ve tried really hard to not have this ruined for me.

    You’re probably not a douche. Apologies and friendship cup cakes for you!

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